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Forestoil Oy manufactures and sells high-quality lubricants in Vöyri for the needs of the forest and concrete industries. We also collect waste oils from companies operating in various industries around Finland.

We serve customers on the basis of 35 years of solid experience and expertise. We know everything there is to know about our products, and can always recommend the lubricating oil that best meets your needs.  Choose Forestoil – the best product available!

Over 35 years of expertise

Forestoil Oy has been making high-quality lubricants for the needs of the forest and concrete industries for over three decades. Our business goes back to the trade name established by Timo Hakola in 1985. Due to its success, the company became a limited liability company in 1997. Today, Forestoil Oy employs six professionals that put their heart into their work – producing excellent results and high quality.

As a result of long and thorough expertise based on experience and solid product development, we can offer lubricants for professionals working in the sawmill and concrete industries, and in timber harvesting. We have oils for different seasons and weather conditions, ensuring that your machinery will run well and efficiently even in the most demanding conditions. We also provide durable and high-quality marking colours!

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Protecting the environment means creating a cleaner future

Our lubricant production is based on the collection and further processing of used, clear oils. A large part of what Forestoil Oy does is to collect oil at customers’ locations by pumping it safely into our tankers. We offer businesses an easy solution to get rid of what is waste oil for them, but a useful raw material for us. We collect oil from various industries all over Finland.

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Oil is stored and processed further into high-grade lubricants at our plant in Vöyri.

Forestoil Oy has also contributed to the planning of nationwide waste oil management. We have worked with the Ministry of the Environment to encourage more companies to commit to channelling their waste oils for re-use.

Ecological choices and sustainable development are the values that have made our company’s operations what they are today. We have not settled for established practices, but develop our operations continuously to meet our customers’ needs better and more efficiently – environmental protection is our primarily guideline.

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