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Forestoil Oy’s high-quality chain saw oils for timber harvesting are designed for demanding professional use. We deliver oils from Vöyri to all parts of Finland for forest machinery users, chain saw retailers, small machine repair shops and forest machine entrepreneurs.

Our oils have excellent lubrication properties in all conditions, all year round.

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Forest and Tapio chain saw oils for demanding use

Choose a product that will work in all weather conditions! Our chain saw oils are suitable for all types of chain saws, during all seasons.

Our high-quality Forest and Tapio chain saw oils penetrate rivet holes effectively, protecting the chain from wear and stretching. The oils also prevent corrosion of the guide bar and tip
wheel. Our selection also includes Tapio-moto chain saw oil (46, 68, 68E, 120 and 120E) for harvesters.

All our lubricants are the result of expert product development, and are made in Finland using quality components.

Package sizes:


  • Tapio-chainsaw oil: 3 l, 10 l and 200 l
  • Forest-chainsaw oil: 3 l, 5 l, 10 l and 200 l
  • Tapio Moto-chainsaw oil: 10 l, 200 l and 1000 l, and
    bulk deliveries by tanker.
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Environmental permit guarantees ecological operations

Thousands of tons of clear waste oil suitable forre-use are created in Finland every year. Forestoil Oy cleans up and processes
clear oils used by industry, and converts them into lubricants.

We have an environment permit issued by the West Finland Regional Environment Centre for the manufacture of lubricants. We want
to look after the environment and take every possible measure to protect our country’s unique natural surroundings.


Did you know that by using 1,000 litres of oils refined for re-use, you can reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 350kg? So do the environmentally right thing, and select Finnish Forestoil Oy lubricating oils!

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