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Forestoil Oy offers companies an easy solution for putting their waste oils to good use. We will collect your clear, used lubricating oils and refine them into environmentally friendly oils for the needs of the forest and concrete industries.

Our waste oil management covers the whole of Finland – serving you with 35 years of solid expertise.


Get in touch with us and we’ll agree on recycling your company’s waste oils.

Top name in used lubricating oil recycling

We are pioneers in the recycling of used lubricating oils and further processing. At our Vöyri plant,
we manufacture all lubricants from used, clear oils that companies treat as waste oil.

We collect oil from companies by pumping it into our tanker. We arrive at the agreed time with the appropriate equipment, and collect oil safely and effectively. We also provide a container with a drainage basin for storing your waste oil. We offer collection and a tank free of charge to our customers. There is also a possibility of compensation for clear lubricating oil suitable for re-use. Easy, isn’t it?

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Hose reels save space and keep their surroundings tidy. They make pumps and hoses easy to move close to machinery.


The tanks are equipped with a drainage basin and a surface level meter to prevent overfilling.


Clear, used lubricating oils are the basic raw material for high-quality Forestoil lubricants. By using 1,000 litres of oils refined for re-use, you can reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 350kg!

We collect oil from various industries:

  • forest industry

  • mining industry

  • ports

  • forwarding companies

  • heavy machinery repair shops

  • repair shops

  • power plants